Astrology and motherhood - these zodiac signs are the best mothers

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Mom is the best! Because the love between a mother and her child is something very special. Above all it is characterized by being extremely altruistic. Mothers are always there when they are needed, without any delay. Simply because they love their baby more than anything else in the world. As a mom, in fact, you are always there for help and advise. No matter how old your baby is, even when he has long since grown up and left home, a mother's instinct for care and protection remains.

Motherhood as a goal in life

Some women have the "mother" gene in the blood. They have dreamed of their family all their lives and seem to be able to juggle family concerns, commitments and duties with agility and ease. Other women, on the other hand, only develop this after several years maternal instinct or they prefer cultivate other aspects of their life, such as work, friends and personal interests. 

These zodiac signs are the perfect mothers

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There is a good reason why mothers are so different in this case: the constellation and arrangement of the stars plays a decisive role. Some zodiac signs are in fact characterized by best maternal qualities

Browse the Gallery and find out which zodiac signs are of mothers born. 

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Bulls get "points" for their organizational ability. Therefore, they can easily cope with the turbulent daily life of a family.

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You can always count on a Taurus mom. He is a good role model for his children and has a lot of great ideas.


Bulls master the balance between child, work and home in a relaxed way.

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Filled with love and devotion, Taurus mothers give everything for their little ones every day.

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Cancers are extremely sensitive and very perceptive.

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For a Cancer mom, her children are absolutely the center of attention.

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They would give everything for their children and sacrifice themselves for them.

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A Cancer mother is always ready to listen to her children. Of all the signs of the zodiac, it is the one that has the strongest bond with them.

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They are adventurous and think about new and exciting things for their little ones every day.

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Sagittarius moms are extremely relaxed and easy-going. They set limits only where absolutely necessary. Otherwise, they strengthen their children's self-esteem by giving them a lot of confidence.

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They are the most relaxed moms among the zodiac signs. With Sagittarius Moms there is always something to laugh about. Their boundless sense of humor is what makes them special.


Sagittarius mothers encourage their children to broaden their horizons every day. 

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Pisces are simply born mothers. With their sensitive nature they feel their baby's every need and are simply always there for him with a lot of love.

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Pisces mothers have a lot of creativity and limitless imagination every day. They want to make their children's daily life as colorful as possible.

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Pisces moms love nature and pass this passion on to their children.

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Pisces moms care a lot about their family. They try to give their best for everyone, creating a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

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Pisces moms love it when the whole family is happy and content. They want to resolve conflicts quickly so that peace can reign again.



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For Capricorn mothers it is important that their child live in a peaceful and peaceful environment.


The children of Capricorn mothers know they can count on them in any situation. Patience and a lot of empathy characterize Capricorns when it comes to raising children.

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Capricorns are quiet, peace-loving mothers who prefer to resolve conflicts with reason and necessary consequences rather than through endless discussions.

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Capricorn mothers want to teach their children a lot: willpower, patience and practical sense.

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Capricorn mothers give everything for their children, but they also know when it's time to do something for themselves. For this reason they find a good balance between family time and love for themselves.

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Never a dull moment with Mamma Leone. He protects his children with everything he has.

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Leo mothers want to educate their children to be strong and confident people who fight for their goals.

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Leo mothers always have new ideas, are constantly on the go and always push their children.

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Full of enthusiasm, Leo mothers give their best every day. They show their children new things and lead them in search of new adventures.


Leonesse dream of a big family. Their generous, faithful and warm nature wishes to find its fulfillment in the circle of the family.


Leo mothers want their children to live a life filled with optimism, pride, confidence and willpower.

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